Skillspass History

  • The origins of SkillsPass trace back to our earliest days working on custom workforce training solutions with a global roster of enterprise-scale clients. We identified a large gap in upskilling and credentialing at regional or industry-wide levels.


  • Specifically, how would a regulator manage training with hundreds of approved training partners? How could governments deploy upskilling across thousands of businesses? How would corporations manage training for their supply chain? We walked away from an enterprise practice that included the global leaders in seven different industries. Instead, Bluedrop chose the road less travelled. We would forge new solutions for the groups the eLearning industry left behind.


  • The traditional LMS is organizationally siloed. They offer limited value when training is required across industries, with numerous stakeholders and a workforce that stretches across many employers. A new technology and approach was necessary to seamlessly facilitate this broad coordination- and we called it Integrated Skills Management (ISM).