The earliest version of SkillsPass was launched in 2010 by Bluedrop Learning Networks, a Canadian pioneer in e-learning technologies. After years working with a global client roster including Microsoft, Cisco, Sony, Pfizer, RBC, Dell, Fluor and Exxon-Mobil, Bluedrop identified an unmet need among small and medium sized business whose traditional approach to managing employee training left many behind.

Employees were facing a rapidly changing world where continual training was key to their livelihoods, but that world was still using outdated learning platforms that did not serve them or keep pace with technological innovations. The practice of stranding training certificates in corporate data silos was a barrier for everyone involved. Governments, regulators and industry groups who were frustrated by this outdated approach became SkillsPass’ first allies.

Bluedrop made it their mission to create a learning platform that would benefit an entire workforce across a jurisdiction or an industry. Yes that means employers and their employees, but also industry groups, unions, regulators, training providers, employment centers and regulators. A 21st century learning delivery and management system would need to be ubiquitous, trustworthy, and verifiable. It would need to seamlessly follow employees as they moved around and changed jobs.

With these insights, SkillsPass was born. It has grown over the years to include five provinces, the U.S. Small Business Administration, the U.S. State Department, and numerous leading industry groups in several countries.

Today, over 2 million worker’s records are housed in SkillsPass and that number is growing quickly.