Once you’ve been invited to join SkillsPass by an employer, regulator, career centre, industry group or approved training provider, it is free for you to join and use throughout your career. These partners understand the important role that training plays in your work and in your life. They demonstrate their commitment to you through their support of the SkillsPass Platform.

Governments and Regulators use SkillsPass to deliver and manage training, issue verifiable certificates and track training outcomes. The resulting data insights allow them to make better decisions, and better support their workforce. SkillsPass offers real-time reporting from certificates they issue themselves and through their often-vast networks of approved training providers. This enhanced visibility allows these groups to identify trends, see where they can best add value, ensure safe workplaces and provide inspectors with tools that can dramatically improve their ability to serve employers. 

SkillsPass began by delivering training for the unemployed and under-served. We are proud to work with those who serve those communities – often government agencies or workforce development boards that are tasked with the important job of getting people back to work. SkillsPass is pleased to support our Canadian and U.S. clients to deliver critical workplace training and certification management. We know that today, there are a number of critical workplace skills and micro-learning opportunities that can make a big difference for job seekers – and we have the content and platform to help. SkillsPass has been so successful in these areas that we have built partnerships that help automate manual process, increase reach and secure better employment outcomes for today’s modern career centers. 

Today, businesses and industries around the world are navigating their way through the global pandemic. Many, who were already facing the challenge of matching the right worker to the right job, have been further challenged by COVID-19. SkillsPass has been helping progressive industry groups offer training solutions that help small and medium sized businesses overcome these challenges. We help them build, source or consolidate critical online and classroom training. By taking a high-level approach to improving skills within particular industries and regions, all members benefit, new employees are drawn into those industries, and productivity improves.

Most employers who use the SkillsPass platform do so through a free module provided by a SkillsPass partner such as a government, a regulator, or an industry group. This broad, free access to our platform is one of the key benefits SkillsPass offers our major clients. That said, we also count some large employers as direct clients, especially when there is a need to track many contracted workers, across numerous sites, and multiple provinces. SkillsPass uses automation to replace the process of collecting, tracking, and reporting training outcomes. It allows employers to assign training to employees, and helps them manage that training to ensure compliance and safety. Our SkillsPass Employer Pro will allow employers to add their own scans of an employees’ wallet cards to the verified certificates that are available on their SkillsPass.

SkillsPass helps organizations and their approved training provider partners deliver classroom or online training, reduce their administrative burden and reach more people. With SkillsPass, expired certifications, lost records, manually-tracked certificates, and paper wallet cards, are remnants of the past. SkillsPass helps Training Providers offer more – more training, more broadly, more quickly.